Adds the bookmarks passed as parameter or from the pipeline to the specified Chrome bookmark file. If the file does not exist it will be created from an empty template.


Creates a bookmark object for the metaBPA homepage and adds it to the default Chrome bookmark file. Creates a backup before altering the file.

Adds all Firefox bookmarks from the default database to the Chrome bookmark file c:\temp\mybookmark.




The mandatory array of BrowserBookmark objects to add to the file.



If specified, the Cmdlet will look for the default Bookmark file location in the current user’s profile.



If specified, all bookmarks will be added to the Bookmark Bar, regardless of the original folder path.



Full path to the target file. Must resolve to a valid file specifier.



If specified, the Cmdlet will backup the target file to a zip archive.



Full path to the folder where the backup file will be created. Must resolve to a valid file specifier. Path must exist.


An array of BrowserBookmark objects.


A single BookmarkOperationResult object.

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