OSOT Parser

Parses a config file generated by VMware OS Optimization Tool into actual executable commands which can then be executed without using the OSOT program, e.g. as part of a deployment task sequence. You can get the script from the PSGallery: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/Parse-OSOTConfig or download it here.


    [-UsePowerShellForServiceCommands ]
    [-UsePowerShellForSchTasksCommands ]
    [-AddCommentsToOutput ]
    [-PassThru ]
    [-MaskExtensions ]
    [-SuppressFileOutput ]

If -SuppressFileOutput is not specified, the script will create following files in $OutPath:

  • osot_processed.json
  • all_actions.cmd(.txt)
  • all_actions.ps1(.txt)
  • mandatory_actions.cmd(.txt)
  • mandatory_actions.ps1(.txt)
  • recommended_actions.cmd(.txt)
  • recommended_actions.ps1(.txt)
  • optional_actions.cmd(.txt)
  • optional_actions.ps1(.txt)

Only files containing actual commands are generated. If -MaskExtensions is specified, all executable files are appended with .txt, making sure they cannot be executed on a wrong system by mistake.