TechNet Stats

TechNetStats is designed to replace my old scripts: Export-TechNetContributionToCSV and Measure-TechNetContribution. The web scraping implemented there is not very robust so I’m refactoring this into a module.


Publishing: not yet

Localization: en-US.
These help pages will only be provided in English. Despite specifying the English dialect as en-US, british spelling may well be found, especially in help files.


Last commit: 2020-02-10

Limitations of the current release (instead of a ToDo pipeline)

These are known limitations and I am actively working on overcoming them:

  • Built-in help content is missing for most functions. Writing it is a tedious process and much less fun than writing the actual code so please bear with me.

What it is

A PowerShell module for web scraping the TechNet forum and gaining some insights into a forum user’s activity.

Usage Examples

Read the TechNet Forum contribution of the user “Evgenij Smirnov” into a time stamped CSV file in the current user’s TEMP folder:







Windows PowerShell 5.x (uses classes, if there is a demand for the compatibility to earlier versions, please let me know).

SQLite library (.NET 4.0 binary from if SQLite will be used as datastore. x64 version is shipped with the module.

The library requires the VC++ 2010 SP1 redistributable to be installed.

Helper functions not exported from the module