TechNet Stats

TechNetStats is designed to replace my old scripts: Export-TechNetContributionToCSV and Measure-TechNetContribution. The web scraping implemented there is not very robust so I’m refactoring this into a module.


Publishing: not yet

Localization: en-US.
These help pages will only be provided in English. Despite specifying the English dialect as en-US, british spelling may well be found, especially in help files.


Last commit: 2020-06-01

Limitations of the current release (instead of a ToDo pipeline)

These are known limitations and I am actively working on overcoming them:

  • Built-in help content is missing for all functions. Writing it is a tedious process and much less fun than writing the actual code so please bear with me.

What it is

A PowerShell module for web scraping the TechNet forum and gaining some insights into a forum user’s activity.

Usage Examples

Read the TechNet Forum contribution of the user “Evgenij Smirnov” into a time stamped CSV file in the current user’s profile folder:

Read-TechNetStatsForum -UserName "Evgenij Smirnov"

Create the report on the contribution:

Export-TechNetStatsReport -OutputPath c:\temp\tnreport -FocusCategory 'Cloud and Datacenter Management'





Windows PowerShell 5.x (uses classes, if there is a demand for the compatibility to earlier versions, please let me know).

It is planned to offer a SQLite data store in addition to CSV, so we ship SQLite alongĀ  with the module:

SQLite library (.NET 4.0 binary from if SQLite will be used as datastore. x64 version is shipped with the module.

The library requires the VC++ 2010 SP1 redistributable to be installed.

Helper functions not exported from the module